Who We Are

The Brampton Community Mediation Service (BCMS) is a community mediation initiative that is currently being developed by a group of community members and mediators to help community members address conflict in a productive manner in their lives. We are being helped in the process by members from St. Stephen Community Mediation in Toronto and by members of the community mediation program from Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre.

What is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict Resolution is a free and confidential service that helps residents resolve conflicts, disagreements, disputes, and concerns through mediation.

Community Mediation is a collaborative process for problem solving. Neutral mediators will help two or more parties discuss and examine their differences, and work towards arriving at a mutually acceptable solution to the issue.

Mediation will help you:

  • Discuss and explain your perspective
  • Understand the other party/parties’ point of view
  • Arrive at a resolution

Mediation will not:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Determine which party is right or wrong
  • Provide therapy or counselling

Mediation is Simple:

  1. Call Us: our phone number is 883-617-3445. We will listen to your concerns and explain the process.
  2. You make the decision: should you decide to proceed, we will contact the other party and invite them to participate.
  3. Meet the mediators: you will have an individual intake meeting with the mediators to discuss your concerns.
  4. The mediation: the mediators will meet with all parties and help them discuss their concerns and arrive at a mutual acceptable solution.
  • Mediation is private and confidential
    All proceedings with mediators are held in strict confidence.
  • Mediation is quick and flexible
    Mediation happens at a time that is convenient for all parties involved
  • Mediation is informal
    The mediation process is one that is comfortable, straightforward, and suited to your needs.
  • Mediation Works for you
    The mediation process is meant to provide a resolution between you and other party/parties quickly and effectively.